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Here are a few testimonials...

Victor's services are exceptional! The Skype session with him was extremely beneficial and helped reassure me that I am truly here for a purpose to make a difference in this world. It was so comforting speaking with someone who understands the awakening process and is willing to openly discuss this unique topic.

I would recommend to anyone that feels they're going through their awakening process to contact Victor. The discussion you will have will be worth every minute of your time and you will end the call feeling refreshed and motivated!


I enjoy talking with Victor via skype because it's live, leading edge conversation. Victor is always overflowing with positive energy. No matter how stuck or discouraged I may be, Victor helps me see   many  options!


Thank you Victor for taking the time out of your life and guiding me throughout this beautiful transformation. You were very helpful on helping me pin point what stage I was at and helping me breakthrough the Surface. It's was nice talking to you felt very natural your a cool dude. Thank again man


My name is Amy I have been on this journey of awaking for quite some time. In my search I found Victor along my way. I resonated with him because we seem to have come from similar backgrounds.  Victor is a amazing mentor and can help you on your path as he did mine. Loving yourself first is keys to unlocking this beautiful life that we are all here for.


Victor is OPEN and reflects back to you the TRUTH you need in the moment.

It was not a session of do's and don'ts or a reading…Victor holds very valuable Space for you to come to an awareness of your own Consciousness in Truth.

For me it concluded with I do not need anyone outside of MYSELF, which of course we all hear everyday…this was so poignant and powerfully delivered by Victors Heart and emphatic closure of what I needed to hear and feel.

I wholeheartedly recommend spending an hour or more of straight talk with Victor Oddo to share the Wisdom of YOU.


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Just a heads up...

As many of you know, I am very much a family man and because of this I only take on a limited amount of these private sessions.

I deactivate the purchase buttons when I am booked up, so if you happen to try to book a session and it doesn't work, that's because I am currently booked up.

If this happens you can simply try again soon and trust the timing of it...

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